Pittsburgh based Design + Technology firm Maya moved to new offices in 2012. The Mayans engineered their new space to foster innovation and collaboration with a uniquely styled open floor plan. Large round rooms - kivas®– have whiteboard clad walls to facilitate the sharing of thought processes; these are their centers of ideation. Industrial designer, and founding principal, Joe Ballay designed small wheeled desks for use in the original kivas at Maya's old South Side offices. He came to us in 2012 with plans for an updated design, and some new pieces, to match the new space. We helped steer them towards an ideal solution for an updated version of these individual mobile desks we call Unis, as well as larger groupable tables, Multis, and a pair of matching Lecterns.

Maya Kiva Tables Maya Kiva Tables

Look here for images of the design process; to see each of the tables individually look here.